Israel Successfully Executes Plan to Disband Hamas

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have discovered a strategy to defeat Hamas in Gaza City, according to central command and logistical and organizational sources. The IDF has been carrying out a historical urban war to create various nuclei in the city, constantly raiding Hamas’ tunnel and subway system. There is emphasis on accelerating the exodus of the city’s civilian population. More than 2/3 of Gaza City’s population has already moved to different camps in the South.

Meanwhile, tensions between Israel and Iran continue to escalate after attacks on American bases in the region. The U.S. launched more than 30 missiles against units of the Iranian Revolutionary Islamic Guard deployed in Syria and Iraq, but this came after attempts by the Pentagon to deter these actions failed. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei responded with further attacks, highlighting the geopolitical weakening experienced by the U.S.

The Israeli Defense Forces are executing a remarkably effective strategy to destroy Hamas, which could reestablish Israel’s deterrent capacity lost due to a strategic defeat in October. These events illustrate the intense conflict in the region, characterized by weakness, fear, and the possibility of war. Despite uncertainty about how these events will unfold, it is clear that far-reaching global implications could result from any conflict that occurs in this volatile region.

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