Apple is Making the iPhone More Similar to Android

iPhone’s Newfound Customization: iOS 18 Brings App Icon and Wallpaper Changes to Home Screens

Apple announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference that iPhone users would have the option to customize elements of their home screens with the upcoming iOS 18 software update. This includes the ability to arrange app icons around your favorite wallpaper image or add colored tints to the icons on your screen. By pressing and holding on the home screen, you’ll be able to make these selections, while the icons and wallpaper will also have a new appearance in dark mode.

The level of customization offered by iOS 18 caught the attention of many tech enthusiasts, with some jokingly comparing the new features to those found on Android devices. However, some users expressed both love and hate for the increased customization on iPhones, while others even suggested that these new features could potentially attract Android users to iPhones. Despite Android users traditionally touting their devices as more innovative and easier to customize compared to iPhones, the release of recent iPhone models has led some users to shift their preference towards Apple products. In fact, in 2022, iPhone users surpassed Android users for the first time in the United States after years of Android devices being the more popular choice among consumers.

In addition to allowing for greater customization on home screens, iOS 18 also brings changes to the iPhone’s Control Center. Users can now swap out features like

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