Intense Weather Alert: Cloudy Monday with Possible Snow in the Mountains from Tuesday to Wednesday

In Croatia, Monday’s weather forecast is expected to bring strengthening winds from the south, warming temperatures, and new cloud cover. Light rain may occur in the northern Adriatic and mountain regions. Tuesday will see rain in most areas, possibly heavy at times, along with thunderstorms, cooler temperatures, and even some snow in the mountains. Wednesday will be windy and cold with occasional precipitation. The weather is expected to become more stable and calmer from Thursday onwards, but with morning temperatures dropping below freezing and fog in some areas.

In eastern Croatia, it will be partly sunny on Monday with light winds, though more clouds and some rain may develop in the evening. Central Croatia can expect foggy mornings and temperatures between 0 and 5°C, with some rainfall in the evening. The northern Adriatic and highlands will see cloudy weather, with frequent rain developing in the evening, along with a moderate south-westerly wind.

In Dalmatia, it will be mostly cloudy with light rain at the end of the day. The southern part of Croatia will see a gradual increase in cloud cover and moderate southerly winds eventually strengthening in the evening. Temperatures are expected to range from 16 to 18°C.

On Tuesday, strong storms may develop on the mainland as clouds gather over the area. Rain may fall throughout Tuesday leading to snow in higher mountains by Wednesday morning. This change of temperature could bring an end to winter conditions for now as sleet and snow continue to fall across mountainous regions until Thursday when sunshine returns once again.

The forecast for Tuesday calls for occasional rain showers or thunderstorms over Velebit while skies remain cloudy throughout this region.

Overall temperature changes are expected on Tuesday as cooler temperatures drop below freezing causing foggy mornings which could lead to slippery roads while Wednesday brings sleet or snow that might last until Thursday when sunshine returns once again.

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