EPA Urged to Consider Industry’s Perspective on Science Policy Update

Industry Groups Urge EPA to Take Their Views into Account in Scientific Integrity Policy Update

As the EPA prepares to finalize an update to its scientific integrity policy, industry groups are urging the agency to take their views into account. This update is highly significant as it could solidify President Joe Biden’s effort to protect the agency’s research and prevent political interference from a potential second Trump administration. The finalized guidelines are expected to be released later this year.

Francesca Grifo, the scientific integrity official at EPA, acknowledged that the agency has received many comments from different sectors regarding the update. The policy in question dictates how the agency conducts its scientific research and could have broad implications for the regulated community. Grifo emphasized the importance of hearing from all sides, especially since the decisions made by the agency can have significant impacts.

The industry groups are pushing for their voices to be heard as the EPA finalizes its scientific integrity policy. This policy update is crucial in safeguarding the agency’s research efforts and ensuring that its scientists are shielded from political interference. The decisions made by the EPA will not only affect the agency itself but also have wide-ranging implications for the regulated community. In light of this, it is important for the EPA to listen to all perspectives and consider the potential impacts of its policies.

Grifo stated that she believes that taking input from different sectors is essential in creating a sound scientific integrity policy. She emphasized that it’s important for all stakeholders to have a voice in shaping policies that will affect them.

Industry groups believe that their input should be taken seriously and incorporated into any final policies that emerge from this process. They argue that their views represent an important part of ensuring that science remains objective and uninfluenced by politics.

Overall, this policy update is critical in maintaining public trust in science and ensuring that researchers at EPA are free to conduct their work without fear of political interference or retribution.

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