Toy-Inspired Lamp Design with a Devilish Twist

Illuminating Ingenuity: The Diabolo Lamp Collection by Light Designer Hiroki Hakamada

From the Japanese company Light designers Hiroki Hakamada, comes the ceiling lamp collection that was inspired by an ancient oriental toy called the Diabolo. This juggling device, also known as the Devil, is renowned for its ability to rotate, whirl and be thrown into the air before being caught again with a rope attached to its tips.

The lamps take their name and inspiration from this device and consist of two “shells” combined in an hourglass shape and supported by a belt. The materials used in constructing these lamps include brass for the diffuser and artificial leather for the belt. Each element of this collection is made by hand with precision and care.

The flying part of the diabolo lamp consists of two concave elements connected together, created using similar motions to those used in the juggling device. These lamps are a beautiful fusion of art and design, inspired by an ancient skillful activity that has stood the test of time. The result is a stunning addition to any home decor that will surely impress all who see it.

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