Hungary’s president resigns amid controversy over sexual abuse case pardon

Hungarian President Katalin Nóvak’s Error in Judging Sexual Abuse Cover-Up Leads to Resignation and Constitutional Amendment Proposal

In May 2023, the deputy director of an orphanage in Hungary was found guilty of covering up sexual abuse of minors and was pardoned by then-President Katalin Nóvak. Nóvak has since resigned after facing criticism for her decision, which she now admits was a mistake. She emphasized the importance of protecting children and taking responsibility for one’s actions, while also acknowledging the significance of women in public life.

The scandal involving Nóvak and then-Minister of Justice Judit Varga led to a movement to demand her resignation and influenced Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s decision to propose a constitutional amendment that would prevent convicted individuals with pedophilia from receiving a presidential pardon.

Nóvak’s successor, who is yet to be named, will have a significant impact on Hungarian politics as the country navigates its way through economic challenges and continues to face criticism over its treatment of refugees and minorities.

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