Bethesda confirms playable versions of “The Elder Scrolls VI” exist, but release is years away

Hiding ‘The Elder Scrolls VI’: A Look Back at 30 Years of Bethesda’s Fantasy Franchise

The Bethesda Game Studios building is home to a hidden vault that contains a playable version of “The Elder Scrolls VI”. This was announced by the developers in a message celebrating the 30th anniversary of the popular fantasy franchise and its rich history.

The text delves into the evolution of the video game saga since the release of “The Elder Scrolls: Arena” in 1994, progressing through titles such as “Daggerfall”, “Morrowind”, “Oblivion”, and “Skyrim”. The series quickly captured the hearts of gamers with its immersive worlds and intricate storytelling.

Towards the end of the message, the focus shifts to the future of the franchise, specifically mentioning “The Elder Scrolls VI”. The game was announced in 2018 with only a brief teaser released to the public. The developers expressed their excitement and joy at returning to the continent of Tamriel and experiencing the early versions of the game.

While fans eagerly anticipate the release of “The Elder Scrolls VI”, Microsoft, the current owners of the franchise, have hinted that the game may not be available until 2028. Despite

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