Health-related marijuana organizations hurt by license renewal delays

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — The shelves at Preme Cannabis Business never have the choice they utilised to.

It is not that James Walker, owner of Preme Cannabis Co., hasn’t wanted to invest in the solution, it is that he hasn’t been permitted to considering the fact that January.

“A thing has to be performed. I imply, we cannot hold the doors open like this,” Walker stated.

He has been in the healthcare marijuana small business for 3 years.

Walker stated till lately, men and women could apply to renew their license prior to it expired and could hold shopping for the solution when the Oklahoma Health-related Marijuana Authority did the paperwork for the new license, a course of action that can take months.

Now, that course of action has changed.

“Metrc does not enable the dispensaries or the growers to sell unless their license is active,” Walker stated.

Metrc is a business contracted by the state to hold track of transactions in the marijuana sector for the OMMA.

“So it is OMMA’s concern with the license, and then Metrc just cutting men and women of willy nilly when they select to, so there’s not, there’s no communication among OMMA and Metrc on how they have to have to deal with these conditions,” stated lawyer Ronald Durbin II.

Lawyer Durbin is familiar with the sector.

“The difficulty is, let’s say you have a renewal that is due ideal now and I submit the renewal. Effectively, the minute that my license time expires, let’s say it expires in ten days, I’m nonetheless very good result in my renewal’s in. But what OMMA is going to show is that your license is expired till they in fact approve your renewal. That could be 30, 45, 90 days, and till then, Metrc sees you as inactive on OMMA method and stops you from getting capable to use the method,” Durbin stated.

For Walker, this modify has triggered extra strain for him.

News Channel eight requested an interview with the OMMA.

“We’re unable to fulfill your interview request with regards to this inquiry….OMMA is conscious that some license holders may possibly be experiencing problems,” stated OMMA in response.

Tulsa City Councilor Grant Miller has a license for industrial increasing and weighed in on the concern.

“What we have to have to do is organize and head down to the capitol. I’m in touch with a lot of cannabis organizations in town, they all have difficulties with it. From the problems you are speaking about, getting locked out of the method, to even just very simple regular operating procedures like how to make a sample for the labs so that we can go get testing. If you never do that adequately they will lock you out,” Miller stated.

Meanwhile, at Preme, Walker waited more than 60 days for his license to be renewed and does not know when it will.

“I renewed, I paid my dollars, and this is what I get,” he stated.

If your healthcare marijuana small business is dealing with a comparable circumstance, let me know by emailing

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