HDZ Faces Election Losses According to Next Year’s Budget

In a press conference held on Monday, representatives from the Fokus party accused the HDZ of trying to prevent their upcoming election loss by buying votes. They claimed that the HDZ is in major trouble and that the budget for the upcoming year, which includes significant increases in expenses for employees and transfers to citizens and households, shows this.

Davor Nađi, the leader of the Fokus party, criticized the budget as a means for the HDZ to improve their rating, stating that there has been a 70 percent increase in employee expenses and a 50 percent increase in citizen and household transfers in just two years. He also pointed out that despite an increase in revenues from European funds, these revenues are reduced by as much as one billion euros in the budget plan for next year.

Dario Zurovec spoke out at the conference, highlighting the disproportionate expenses of Croatian Roads and the lack of sports facilities in Croatia despite spending large sums on projects like the Slavonija Project. He believes that these policies have failed and are causing bigger problems for Croatia.

When asked about Ustashi shouts at a commemoration in Vukovar, Damir Bajs expressed his expectation for the police to treat any rioters who occur during this event or any other event with force.

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