Hamburg Hospital Quickly Resolves Fake Doctor Scandal and Infant Kidnapping Incident

On Monday, a dramatic scene unfolded at a hospital in the Hamburg district of Heimfeld. A young Bulgarian woman, aged 18, entered the clinic and approached the mother and child who were there for a pediatric examination. The woman pretended to be a doctor and told the mother that she had dropped something at the information desk and would take care of the baby.

However, just a few moments later, it became clear that there was no baby. It is not yet known whether the child’s mother and the 18-year-old knew each other, but two groups of large families had gathered outside the hospital, allegedly numbering around 40 people. The police were called to calm down the situation as people began accusing each other of kidnapping.

Just under two hours later, the woman returned with the baby and handed it over to hospital staff. She was taken into custody and is currently being investigated on suspicion of kidnapping. Bild reports that she recently suffered a miscarriage.

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