Business remains open despite threats from stadium construction, opens day after sales tax proposal fails

Green Dirt Farm Embraces New Kansas City Location Despite Stadium Sale Tax: The Journey from Uncertainty to Opportunity

Green Dirt Farm recently celebrated the grand opening of its new location in Kansas City’s Crossroads district. This was a significant day for the restaurant, especially after the stadiums sale tax was voted down by Kansas City and Jackson County voters. Despite the uncertainties surrounding the new location, the restaurant decided to move forward and open for business as planned.

The staff at Green Dirt on Oak described the new spot as a gathering place offering locally-sourced foods, including the cheeses that the brand is known for, which are made in house. Executive Chef Oskar Arévalo shared that part of the concept behind the new location was to be able to expand their cheese making. The restaurant prides itself on being farm-to-table, providing fresh and quality ingredients for their dishes.

Arévalo acknowledged that the decision to move forward was not easy, but it was necessary to fully commit to the restaurant’s vision. Now that Green Dirt Farm is finally open and operating in its new location, Arévalo expressed relief that prep work and worries about potential demolition are in the past. The restaurant is now creating its own footprint in the community, building a future that is not overshadowed by uncertainty.

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