Great Vibes Juice Bar: a pandemic hobby turned small business venture

At 14, Julian Earle collected $400 dollars from shoveling snow following a storm, marking his initially small business venture.

“I got the spirit of entrepreneurship early on,” says Earle.

Speedy forward to September 2022, and that spirit was on complete show with the opening of Great Vibes Juice Bar at 405 W. Major St. in Easley, which Earle runs with his wife Geraldy.

Earle found a adore for juicing for the duration of self-isolation in 2020. To hold himself each entertained and to incorporate healthier meals alternatives, Earle sought to uncover which mix of fruits or vegetables tasted ideal following juicing. His inspiration for generating distinct recipes derives from his mother, whom he made use of to observe cooking standard Southern meals as a kid.

Element wellness meals retailer and element locally sourced restaurant, Great Vibes Juice Bar gives cold-pressed juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls and even tropical plants for obtain. On the door, a sign reads “plants and people today make people today content,” which inspired the incorporation of plants into the juice bar.

Artistic expression

Even though Geraldy typically appears more than the front side of the small business, such as preserving the plants representing the “good vibes” aspect of the small business, Earle can generally be located in the kitchen.

For Earle, crafting new juices represents a possibility to discover his inventive side. Though some of his recipes are tweaked from others’ juice recipes, numerous of them are his personal.

“I appreciate generating and this is a way to express myself artistically,” says Earle.

At Great Vibes Juice Bar, generating two batches, roughly 28 bottles of 12 oz. juices, requires significantly less than an hour thanks to the industrial juicer at the small business. Guests can come in to grab the cold-pressed juice by themselves or can reserve a number of juices for a “cleanse” — in which standard meals is replaced with juice for a set period of time. For these who struggle to incorporate vegetables or fruits into their meal, or who may possibly uncover themselves on the go, Earle says pressed juice can be a easy way to get nutrients.

“You get a lot of your each day dose of vitamins out of a single serving of juice,” says Earle.

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