Google’s Maps app to introduce groundbreaking features for travelers

Google Maps Major Update: Discover Hidden Gems, Trending Places with New Recommendation System

Google Maps is getting a major update that will make it easier for users to find the best places to eat and visit. Starting next week, users will be able to see lists of recommended places in 40 cities across the United States and Canada. Google’s algorithmic recommendations include a weekly updated “trending” list of popular sites, historically popular locations, and hidden gems worth visiting. In addition, the app will feature lists of recommendations from sources like the “New York Times” and “Lonely Planet”.

In other news, Google is introducing new translation capabilities to its Circle to Search feature. This feature allows users to easily translate anything on their screen, such as an online menu or local events page. The translation software is currently available on select devices but will be rolling out to more Android devices in the coming weeks.

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