Global Tourists Journey to Croatia to Discover Luka Modrić’s Hometown: A Unique Experience

In the birthplace of Luka Modrić, located at the foot of Velebit in Zaton Obrovački, Croatia, there is now a ruin. It was destroyed by Serbian aggressors during the war but has become a tourist sensation nonetheless. Recently, three Chinese women visited the area hoping to see a museum or some other attraction dedicated to Modrić’s early years.

However, they were met with an empty ruin instead. The owner of Dalma Travel, Teo Kanjer, told Slobodna Dalmacija that he was afraid the women might not be able to explore too much due to the mines in the area. Despite this setback, Kanjer decided to take them on a tour of Luka’s football journey by taking them through Stanovi Stadium.

There they encountered another challenge: a padlock that prevented them from entering one of the areas they wanted to explore. Ingeniously, one of the women suggested they paint through bars and found a place that matched Modrić’s biography – an old parking lot known as “Iž” hotel where Luka spent his exile days as a boy in Zadar.

Overall, despite encountering obstacles along their journey, these young Chinese women remained enthusiastic about exploring Luka Modrić’s birthplace and football journey in Croatia.

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