Get Ready for the Holiday Season with Thanksgiving Gift Bags: News, Sports, and Employment Updates

Bernie Clarke, a dedicated volunteer at the Lake Placid Ecumenical Food Pantry, spent his Monday morning manning the stuffing station of the Thanksgiving bag assembly line. The pantry, located at St. Agnes Church, saw over 275 bags of food distributed throughout the day thanks to the efforts of Linda Young, the organizer, and her team.

The community’s support and commitment to helping those less fortunate were evident in the volunteers’ tireless work. Linda estimated that they would pack approximately 275 bags of food during their hour-long session. The bags would eventually make a significant difference in many families’ lives during the holiday season.

The mission of the Lake Placid Ecumenical Food Pantry to ensure food security for the community is vital to their work. Volunteers like Bernie and Linda have played a crucial role in providing support to those in need through their demonstration of care and generosity. Their efforts have made a significant impact on many families in the Lake Placid area.

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