Exciting Update: Wegmans and the Health Department Partner for 2 Events

Get Protected from Shingles: Hopewell Township Health Department and Wegmans Host Shingles Vaccine Clinics

The Hopewell Township Health Department is partnering with Wegmans to organize two Shingles vaccine clinics at Pennington Borough Municipal Hall. These clinics will take place on April 17 and June 19, 2024. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults aged 50 and above should receive two doses of the shingles vaccine to prevent shingles and its complications. Similarly, adults aged 19 and above who have weakened immune systems due to disease or therapy should also receive two doses of the vaccine due to their higher risk of contracting shingles.

Residents of the area are encouraged to sign up for one or both vaccines at the upcoming clinics. If you only receive one vaccine, you will need to visit a pharmacy in the area, such as Wegmans, to obtain your second shot. To learn more about the shingles vaccine and its benefits, visit the CDC website at cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/shingles/.

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