Generative AI as a Key to Career Growth for Over One-Third of Spaniards

A recent report by Salesforce sheds light on the growing interest among Spanish workers in mastering generative artificial intelligence (AI) as a means to advance their careers. The study reveals that more than a third of Spaniards (39%) believe that being proficient in this technology will help them get a promotion at work.

However, the report also warns that the lack of clear policies around the use of AI may be putting companies at risk. According to the study, 61% of Spanish workers claim to have used generative AI tools that are not officially sanctioned by their company, with up to 33% using them despite being expressly forbidden. This suggests that many employees are turning to this new technology without any formal training, guidance or approval from their company.

The survey titled ‘The Promises and Challenges of Generative AI at Work’ draws on opinions from over 14,000 workers from fourteen countries, including Spain. It highlights that company policies and training around generative AI are not clearly defined or, at best, ambiguous. Despite this, workers recognize the importance of this technology in advancing their careers, with 74% of those who use it stating that it makes them more productive.

However, the lack of training and defined policies has led users to perform ethically questionable activities when using generative AI such as passing off work done by an AI system as their own or inflating their skills. Additionally, the report reveals that 86% of Spanish workers believe there are barriers to using generative AI at work.

To address these challenges, the report emphasizes the need for companies to invest in safe and reliable generative AI tools and train their employees on ethical and safe practices when using this technology. Ultimately, it is not about whether companies adopt generative AI but how they do it effectively and safely while considering ethical implications.

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