Bryan Danielson Cheers for Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania

From Underdog to Headliner: Cody Rhodes Talks the Importance of Listening to the Crowd at WrestleMania and Daniel Bryan’s Quest for Glory at Mania 30

In this installment of the Sports Illustrated Road to WrestleMania series, Cody Rhodes shares his experience of headlining WrestleMania 40 and the importance of listening to the crowd. Originally not planned to win the WWE championship or headline the event, Rhodes’ popularity with the fans shaped the outcome of the match. Drawing parallels to WrestleMania 30, where Daniel Bryan captured the hearts of wrestling fans globally.

Reflecting on Bryan’s success, Rhodes expresses his pride in his accomplishments and hopes for him to emerge victorious against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 30. Despite his desire for a specific outcome, Rhodes refrains from making predictions due to past experiences that defied expectations. The camaraderie among wrestlers transcends company boundaries, as both Bryan and Rhodes appreciate the challenging and rewarding nature of professional wrestling. The spirit of competition between companies only serves to elevate the craft and create opportunities for all wrestlers involved. Ultimately, Rhodes’ endorsement of Bryan’s journey reflects the genuine bond and encouragement shared among wrestlers in the industry.

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