Scientists discover genetic reasoning behind lack of human tail

From Tails to Evolution: Unraveling the Genetic Basis for Tailless Humans in Nature

The evolution of great apes saw the tail being left behind, leading to the disappearance of this important appendage in humans. In Finland, it is customary for the newly elected president to visit the Unknown Soldier as a demonstration of general education. Meanwhile, Hietanen’s book explores the evolution of life and how carbon compounds form our very existence. He also highlights that humans share a very distant relative with ancient fish.

Recent scientific research by Bo Xia has shed light on the genetic basis for the absence of tails in certain species, including humans. This study revealed that tailless apes have a different form of a gene called “tbxt” compared to tailed apes like macaques. This gene likely originated in an ancient primate with a tail around 25 million years ago, setting the course for the development of tailless monkeys and great apes.

This discovery was recently published in Nature, adding to our understanding of the evolutionary history of apes and highlighting how genetic factors shape our physical characteristics over time. Hietanen’s comparison of humans to coal-making monkeys is an intriguing perspective on our genetic heritage. The shared genes between humans and zebrafish point to a deeper interconnectedness in the evolutionary tree of life.

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In conclusion, while we may be aware that we have evolved into tailless beings over time through genetic factors, there is still much more to learn about our past and present when it comes to human biology and evolutionary history.

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