Local community rallies around Peoria business in response to support request

From Struggles to Success: The Inspiring Story of The Popcorn Shoppe

The Popcorn Shoppe, a small business located at the Metro Centre, recently took to social media to share their struggles during the winter season. Owners Matt George and Niki Duckworth explained that they have been facing challenges such as paying employees, affording rent, and buying inventory due to the slow sales.

The post received an incredible response with over 500 reactions and 2,000 shares from the community. Other local businesses such as Big Mike’s Donuts & Coffee offered their support. Despite these difficulties, The Popcorn Shoppe continues to offer a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors, lemon shake-ups, freeze-dried candy and other treats.

The business invites customers to take advantage of their specials and collaborate on fundraising events. After receiving an overwhelming amount of support from the community, The Popcorn Shoppe provided an update expressing their gratitude for the outpouring of support while also emphasizing the ongoing need for continued assistance to stabilize their business.

The story of The Popcorn Shoppe has resonated with the local community, demonstrating the power of small businesses banding together to overcome challenges and succeed.

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