Houston-based Company, World Emblem, Marks Milestone of 30 Years in Business

From Small Shop to Global Patch and Emblem Manufacturer: Celebrating World Emblem’s 30th Anniversary

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, World Emblem, the world’s largest patch and emblem manufacturer, has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small shop in New Jersey in 1993. Located in northwest Houston, the company produces an average of 250 million emblems and custom products annually.

World Emblem’s commitment to customer service is evident in their no minimum order quantity policy. Whether a customer needs one garment embroidered or 10,000 garments, the company is able to meet their needs. The company’s impressive client list includes notable names such as the NFL, Levi’s, New Era, and Perry Ellis.

What sets World Emblem apart from its competitors is its customization capabilities. The company provides unique and tailored products for each client, ensuring that every product tells a story and reflects the individuality of the wearer. The production process at World Emblem is intricate and requires precision, which was showcased by ABC13’s Localish team in a recent feature on the company’s facility.

For more information about World Emblem and its services, visit their website to discover why they are the go-to source for all your patch and emblem needs.

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