Latvian broker charged in US for exporting aircraft technology to Russia

From Riga to New York: The Case of Latvian Citizen Charged with Avionics Equipment Conspiracy in the US

Oleg Chistyakov, a Latvian citizen, was arrested in Riga, Latvia and charged by the US for various violations. The press release and indictment accuse him of conspiring with two US citizens to facilitate the sale of US avionics equipment to customers in Russia. His co-conspirator, Cyril Gregory Buyanovsky, had already pleaded guilty to the same conspiracy in December 2023.

Meanwhile, Maya Lester KC, a senior barrister (King’s Counsel) at Brick Court Chambers, specializes in public law, European law, competition law, international law, human rights, and civil liberties. With a wide-ranging practice, Lester has particular expertise in sanctions.

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