Production company owned by Justin Lin working on a movie about Michèle Mouton

From Rally Driver to Biopic: Perfect Storm Tackles the Remarkable Journey of Michèle Mouton

Perfect Storm Entertainment, led by Justin Lin, has acquired the life rights of World Rally Vice champion Michèle Mouton in order to produce a biopic on her remarkable story. The decision was made following the success of Drum Studio’s documentary The Queen of Speed, which received the International Emmy for Best Sports Documentary in 2022.

The biopic will depict Mouton’s journey to becoming one of the top rally drivers in a male-dominated industry during the 1970s and ’80s. From competing in Monte Carlo to conquering Pikes Peak in Colorado, Mouton defied the odds during the dangerous Group B era of rallying. She made history by winning four FIA World Rally Championship races, solidifying her legacy as one of the greatest motorsport drivers ever. Mouton remains the only woman to have claimed victory in a World Rally Championship race.

Producers of the project include Justin Lin, Andrew Schneider, Sal Gatdula from Perfect Storm, as well as Andy Holland and Jessica Sinclair from Drum Studios. Mouton and her daughter, Jessie Johnsson-Lüthy, will also serve as executive producers.

Perfect Storm Entertainment is known for its diverse projects and is currently working on other films such as The Last Days of John Allen Chau and Two For The Money for Apple. They are also producing TV series like Seven Wonders for Amazon Prime and The Islands for Peacock. With a growing slate of projects, Perfect Storm continues to make its mark in the entertainment industry as a leading producer with an impressive portfolio that showcases their commitment to creating compelling stories that inspire audiences worldwide.

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