Stew-pendous Science: McGill’s Soup-er Serving of Research | Channels

From Quantum Meta-Photonics to Optogenetic Stimulation: Undergraduate Students Gain Insight into McGill’s Latest Research through Soup & Science

This week, undergraduate students at McGill had the opportunity to attend the 37th edition of Soup & Science. This annual event, held once a semester, is a unique blend of knowledge and soup that showcases research happening on campus. Topics covered this semester spanned various disciplines, including quantum meta-photonics and optogenetic stimulation in roundworms.

The event took place at the SSMU Building and featured presentations from three to four faculty speakers and one or two student speakers. Each presenter discussed their project in a short four to five-minute segment, allowing students to gain insight into the research opportunities available at McGill, including undergraduate research awards.

This popular series gives students a taste of the current research being conducted at the University and provides a platform for engagement and learning. With a diverse range of topics covered and opportunities for interaction with faculty and fellow students, this event serves as a valuable resource for undergraduate students looking to further their academic and research pursuits.

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