Kadarius Toney, Chiefs WR, reportedly ruled out for Super Bowl LVIII against 49ers

From promising rookie to uncertain future: The fall of Kadarius Toney’s career in the NFL”.

Kadarius Toney’s season took a turn when he ended his 2023 campaign on December 17th. Since then, he has not played, ending the year with 27 catches for 169 yards and a touchdown. Despite reports that his lack of playtime was due to personal reasons and a hip injury, it was later revealed that the hip injury may have been fabricated.

Despite this, Toney will practice with the Chiefs and a decision on his game status will be made later. Toney had a difficult season with critical drops in the season opener, a dropped pass that was intercepted by the Patriots, and an infamous offsides penalty that negated his go-ahead touchdown. Now, with only one more year remaining on his rookie contract, Toney’s future remains uncertain.

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