First Sidewalk Vendor Business License Issued by Clark County

From Ice Cream to Sidewalk Success: Las Vegas Family Secures First Street Vendor License Under New Nevada Law

On Wednesday, Clark County issued its first sidewalk vending business license to Jose Manuel Carrera and his family in Las Vegas, marking a significant milestone. This comes after commissioners approved street vendor regulations in unincorporated Clark County more than a month ago. The process of obtaining the business license was smooth for Carrera, who encouraged others looking to start a business to pursue their dreams.

Carrera, the owner of Paletas y Aguas, will be located in the southwest Las Vegas valley at the corner of Cactus Avenue and Dean Martin Drive. He also owns an ice cream shop in North Las Vegas called LV Michoacana, which offers a variety of treats like ice cream bars, sorbets, aguas frescas, and lemonade slushes.

In 2023, Nevada passed SB 92, a law that required jurisdictions to establish their own rules for vending, including insurance and permits. The ordinance in Clark County was approved on April 15 and went into effect on April 30. Following this, the county held sidewalk vending workshops to guide potential vendors through the process of applying for and obtaining a business license. For more information on how to start your own sidewalk vending business in Clark County or any other jurisdiction in Nevada, individuals can visit the link provided.

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