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From Apple Orchard to Mushroom Farm: Chris Pacheco’s Journey to Seacoast Mushrooms

Chris Pacheco is a farmer who specializes in growing oyster mushrooms, blue oysters, and golden oysters. Despite the variety of mushrooms he cultivates, he does not consider himself an oyster farmer. Pacheco owns Seacoast Mushrooms, where he and his seven employees grow a range of fungi in a 12,000-square-foot farm located on Taugwonk Road. The farm is housed in a large blue warehouse with shipping containers in the back.

Growing up, Pacheco planted trees for his family’s apple orchard in Rhode Island. However, he developed a dislike for farming in rocky New England soil. He pursued an engineering degree to move away from farming and later spent time in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Hartford, which eventually brought him to the area where he currently resides. Following his submarine service, Pacheco remained in the region, working in the corporate world for fifteen years.

In 2015, Pacheco was drawn back to his farming roots by the challenge of growing mushrooms. He developed a business plan focused on connecting with his community through food and established Seacoast Mushrooms. Today, Pacheco and his team work together to grow a variety of mushrooms and offer fresh and flavorful produce to their local area.

Pacheco has come a long way from his days planting trees for his family’s apple orchard. With Seacoast Mushrooms, he has found a new passion for farming that allows him to connect with people through food while also providing healthy and delicious options for them to enjoy.

Despite being known as an oyster farmer due to the type of mushroom they grow, Chris Pacheco emphasizes that they are not actual farmers but rather cultivators of fungi. They have built their business around connecting with their community through food while also providing fresh produce that is both healthy and flavorful.

The establishment of Seacoast Mushrooms has been a significant turning point for Chris Pacheco’s career path after spending years working in corporate America and serving in the military submarine service before finding his passion for mushroom farming.

Overall, Seacoast Mushrooms represents not just another venture but also an opportunity to pursue one’s passions while also making a positive impact on the local community through sustainable agriculture practices.

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