Ex-Engie CEO selected as France’s representative for European-Asian logistics project.

France Appoints Gérard Mestrallet as Emissary for India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor Project: Boosting Trade and Low-Carbon Transition

Gérard Mestrallet, the former CEO of Engie and ex-president of Suez, has been appointed by French President Emmanuel Macron as an emissary for the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (Imec) project. This ambitious initiative is designed as an alternative to the new “Chinese Silk Roads” and aims to promote economic relations between India, the Middle East, and Europe.

As the first representative designated among participating countries, Mestrallet’s mission is to identify ports, railway, and energy infrastructures to assess existing and forecast future flows. The port of Marseille may play a significant role in the project, especially with regard to receiving hydrogen. The aim is to accelerate trade between India and Europe by 40% through a rail link that will be constructed along with an electric cable, a clean hydrogen pipeline, and a high-speed data cable.

Macron hopes that Marseille will serve as the European “bridgehead” for this project, emphasizing France’s expertise in transportation and energy sectors. Mestrallet will support French companies interested in positioning themselves for calls for tenders related to the project. The Imec project could bring economic growth and low-carbon transition benefits to participating countries. An agreement in principle has already been signed by several nations and the European Union.

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