Ex-Senator Joseph Lieberman, a staunch friend of Israel, passes away in New York: We will miss you, Joe

Former US Senator Joe Lieberman: An Orthodox Jew who Made History and Inspired the World

Former US Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut passed away on March 27 in New York at the age of 82. The Washington Post reported his death, attributing it to complications from a fall as stated by his family.

Lieberman made history as the first Orthodox Jew to serve in the US Senate. In 2000, he ran for Vice President alongside Al Gore but lost to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Lieberman was known for his visit to Israel following the October 7 attacks and had a close relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu paid tribute to Lieberman in a blog post, praising him as an honest, courageous public servant who defended the Jewish people and the Jewish state. The Prime Minister remembered Lieberman for his moral compass, common sense, and unwavering commitment to the truth. Lieberman’s gentle nature and loyalty as a friend were also highlighted in the tribute. Netanyahu ended by expressing the loss felt by many now that Lieberman has passed away.

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