EU’s Kai Mykkänen on EU’s 2040 climate goal: “This will be a challenging journey”

Finland’s Qualified Support for EU’s 90% Net Emission Reduction Target: The Role of Nuclear Power and Technological Neutrality

Finland has expressed its support for the European Union’s 90 percent net emission reduction target, but with certain reservations. During a meeting of environment ministers in Brussels, Finland acknowledged the importance of proceeding technology-neutrally and accepting nuclear power as a clean energy source. Additionally, incentives for technical carbon sequestration at the EU level should be put in place.

The EU Commission proposed the 2040 climate goal in February, which aims to achieve a 90 percent net emission reduction from levels recorded in 1990. The goal also emphasizes the importance of both emission reductions and carbon removal. Despite uncertainties in the land use sector and challenges in defining clean energy sources, Finland believes that technical sinks can help achieve a net reduction increase of more than five million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The discussion at the Environmental Council was the first official debate on the 2040 climate goal, with many countries yet to form their positions. Mykkänen acknowledged that achieving emissions reductions in Finland would require significant changes in industry, with a focus on green technologies in sectors like steel and refinery. Carbon dioxide recovery in forest industry units was also highlighted as an important aspect of meeting emission reduction goals.

Finland’s stance on nuclear power is controversial and has been met with opposition from some environmental groups who argue that it poses a risk to human health and safety. However, Mykkänen emphasized that nuclear power is an important part of Finland’s strategy for achieving its emissions reductions targets and should be considered alongside other forms of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

Overall, Finland’s commitment to meeting the 2040 climate goal reflects its growing awareness of the urgent need to address climate change. As one of Europe’s leading emitters of greenhouse gases, Finland recognizes that it has a significant role to play in reducing global emissions and transitioning towards cleaner technologies.

In conclusion, while there are still uncertainties surrounding some aspects of achieving net zero emissions by 2040, Finland remains committed to supporting this ambitious goal through technological neutrality and acceptance of nuclear power as a clean energy source. With ongoing discussions among EU member states on how best to achieve this goal, it will take time for concrete actions to be taken at both national and regional levels. However, as one of Europe’s leading emitters of greenhouse gases, Finland’s support for this ambitious goal sends a strong signal to other countries about the need for bold action to address climate change globally.

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