Youth organizations to receive smaller budget cuts, Smotrich announces

Finance Minister’s U-turn on Youth Organizations Funding Cuts: A Sign of Hope for Teenagers and Young Adults in Israel

The announcement of a review of funding cuts for teenage and youth organizations has brought hope to leaders of these groups. Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich announced that the budget for youth organizations will be reduced by only 1 million shekels, instead of the initial 10 million shekels. This is a significant shift in the government’s decision, and it appears to have been influenced by protests against the original cuts.

Leaders of youth organizations had expressed concerns that the loss of state support would effectively end teenage and youth movements in Israel. They argued that their groups play an important role in shaping young people’s lives and providing them with valuable skills and experiences. The adjusted draft state budget for 2024, adopted in the first reading last week, included a provision for a reduction in funding for youth organizations by 10 million shekels. However, this decision has now been revised, thanks to public pressure and protests against the original cuts.

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