Figs Appoints New Chief Technologies Officer

Figs Appoints New Chief Technologies Officer

Healthcare apparel brand Figs has appointed Mark Bixby as its new chief technologies officer. Bixby will be accountable for employing Figs’ information and technologies capabilities to create a far more seamless and customized knowledge for healthcare specialists. Bixby joins the enterprise right after serving as vice president of engineering at GameStop, and previously holding roles at Chewy and Wayfair.

Figs aims to improve its tech capabilities with the addition of Bixby. The CEO and co-founder of Figs, Trina Spear, expressed excitement more than getting Bixby on the group, highlighting his knowledge in creating technologies options. Figs has usually been a leader in information and technologies inside the healthcare apparel sector, and they are committed to keeping that position as they function towards their aim of reaching $1 billion in annual net revenues.

The appointment of Bixby follows Figs’ current release of a digital stethoscope in partnership with overall health technologies enterprise Eko Well being. The Figs Eko Core 500 stethoscope functions a complete-colour screen with heart price and electrocardiogram tracing. The company’s second-quarter benefits showed a 13% boost in revenues compared to the preceding year, with a net revenue of $four.six million. Figs also saw a 21% boost in active clients, bringing the total to two.five million.

For the duration of an earnings get in touch with, the CFO of Figs, Daniella Turenshine, noted that the enterprise knowledgeable greater fulfillment costs due to elevated storage fees. Nevertheless, Spear talked about that they count on storage fees to reduce more than the subsequent two quarters as they function via excess inventory and invest in a project to strengthen fulfillment efficiency.

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