Amputee with prosthetic hand experiences breakthrough in sensory ability: able to sense temperature

Feeling the Heat: Groundbreaking Thermal Sensing Prosthetics Revolutionize Amputee Experience

Researchers working on prosthetic technology have created a thermal sensing system that could revolutionize the way amputees experience their environment. This cutting-edge technology allows amputees to feel temperature sensations while performing tasks, adding a human touch to their experience.

In a successful trial of the thermal sensing system, a participant was able to differentiate between bottles of water at varying temperatures, and also improve their ability to distinguish between human and prosthetic arms. The team is now working to improve the system further by combining it with other sensations like touch and proprioception.

The researchers from the Technical University of Lausanne, Scola Supérieure, have written an article detailing their findings, and although their work is not yet complete, they believe this technology will play a significant role in the commercial prosthetic industry in the future.

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