Webinar on February 13 to Highlight Idaho’s Rural Economy

Exploring the Complexities of Idaho’s Rural Economy: A Webinar with Labor Economist Ryan Whitesides

On Tuesday, February 13th, Labor Economist Ryan Whitesides will be hosting a webinar to discuss the diverse components of Idaho’s rural economy. The webinar, which will take place from 11 am to noon MT, will cover topics such as demographics, population trends and the various industries that make up rural Idaho’s economy, including public and private sectors, farms, ranches, and national monuments.

Whitesides emphasizes that while rural Idaho’s economy is often associated with agriculture, it is not solely defined by this sector. The economy is made up of other components such as forests and community gateways to national parks. Whitesides encourages attendees to come prepared with questions about the different aspects of rural Idaho’s economy and how they can contribute to its growth and development.

Those interested in attending the webinar can register for the event on Zoom by visiting the department’s website. Information about future webinars and registration events can also be found on their calendar of events. KIFI Local News 8 encourages civil and constructive conversation during the webinar and asks that comments remain respectful and relevant. Community guidelines are available for review on their website. Additionally, story ideas can be submitted through their website for future reporting on rural Idaho’s economy.

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