The NFL may expand regulations for mandatory participation in preseason “Hard Knocks”

Expanding Hard Knocks: What it means for NFL teams and fans

The NFL is considering expanding the pool of teams that can be selected for the preseason series Hard Knocks, according to Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal. Currently, there are certain exemptions in place such as first-year head coaches, teams that have made the playoffs in the last two seasons, and teams that have done Hard Knocks in the past 10 years. However, the league office will seek a vote of owners to change these rules to include teams with first-year head coaches, teams that have done Hard Knocks in the past eight years, and teams that will participate in the in-season version of Hard Knocks in the current season or the next season. The exemption based on playoffs will be eliminated.

If this proposal passes, it could become a common occurrence for teams not wanting to participate on Hard Knocks. Last year, only four teams were potential candidates: Jets, Commanders, Bears, and Saints. The Jets were ultimately selected even though they did not want to be featured on the show. This was the first time that a team selected for Hard Knocks did not want to be featured on it.

The NFL has been using Hard Knocks as a way to give fans an inside look at their favorite teams during training camp. However, some critics argue that it can put undue stress on players and coaches who are already under intense pressure to perform at their best during preseason games. Additionally, some believe that it can lead to negative publicity if a team’s performance is not up to par during training camp or if any injuries occur during filming.

Despite these concerns, many believe that expanding the pool of teams eligible for Hard Knocks would bring more excitement and interest from fans who want more behind-the-scenes access to their favorite teams. It would also give new franchises like Washington Commanders and Las Vegas Raiders an opportunity to showcase themselves on a national stage.

Overall, it remains uncertain whether or not this proposal will pass but one thing is clear: if it does pass it could change how we see this popular show forever.

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