Exclusive: Princess Diana’s Interview Shrouded in Secret

Princess Diana, one of the most beloved members of the British royal family, continues to be remembered even 26 years after her death. Despite their unhappy marriage, Charles and Diana were both unfaithful to each other. On June 29, 1994, Charles admitted to marital infidelity without naming the woman with whom he cheated. However, it was Princess Diana’s televised interview with Martin Bashir on November 20, 1995 in the documentary series “Panorama” that ultimately ended their marriage. In the interview, which took place in Diana’s sitting room at Kensington Palace and was conducted in secrecy, she revealed intimate details about royal life, her own infidelity and her struggles with postpartum depression and bulimia. She also announced that her marriage with Charles was over. Tragically, Princess Diana died in a car accident just two years after the interview.

Meanwhile on November 20th throughout history there have been many significant inventions made on this date. In 1866 James L. Haven and Charles Hettrick patented the children’s toy we now call the yo-yo which was originally called ‘ Whirligig’. The word yo-yo itself comes from the Philippines. On November 20th in 1923, Garrett Morgan was granted a patent for his invention of a three-command traffic sign that would later become known as modern traffic light system. His invention added a third option “Warning” (yellow light) to regulate traffic more safely which represented an innovation of existing traffic light that had only options “Stop” and “Go”.

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