Electricity Exchange Customers Brace for Substantial Price Hike on Tuesday

According to Risto Kinnunen, an expert at energy service company Väre, the price of electricity on the exchange is expected to rise on Tuesday but fall again on Wednesday. The interruption in Olkiluoto 3’s electricity production has caused this fluctuation. This power plant accounts for approximately 14% of Finland’s electricity needs. The faulty temperature measurement of the generator’s cooling system was revealed as the cause of the failure. TVO, the responsible company, expects electricity production in Olkiluoto’s triple unit to start again at noon on Tuesday.

Kinnunen also predicts that the price of electricity on the stock market will drop on Wednesday due to the start of Olkiluoto 3’s production and an increase in wind power production. However, by the end of the week, windless and colder weather are expected, leading to fluctuations in hourly prices. Some content from the original quote seems unrelated and has been removed from this rewrite.

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