Education roundup: Firefighters go to Isenberg to support students with science project. – Salisbury Post

Education roundup: Firefighters go to Isenberg to support students with science project.

Published 12:01 am Thursday, March 16, 2023

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The Salisbury Fire Division helped students at Isenberg Elementary take a science project to new heights with their extended ladder. – Submitted

Students at Isenberg Elementary watch members of the Salisbury Fire Division as they prepare to drop things from an extended ladder. – Submitted

Ringing the bell at Morgan Elementary suggests that the student showed mastery more than all grade level mastering requirements. – Submitted

The NC Symphony performs for Rowan-Salisbury Schools fifth graders. – Submitted

SALISBURY — The Salisbury Fire Division visited Isenberg Elementary on March ten to support students out with their science project. 

The fire crews employed their extended ladder to drop things for a student experiment, which drastically enhanced the project.  

Ring the bell at Morgan 

GOLD HILL — Students who level up to the subsequent grade at Morgan Elementary get to celebrate the accomplishment by ringing the college bell.

Students level up by displaying mastery of all of the requirements for that grade level. Morgan Elementary’s social media coordinator and technologies facilitator Kendel Cozart indicated that Morgan hosts 3 Ring the Bell celebrations every year. 

Particular show for fifth graders

SALISBURY — The North Carolina Symphony performed a concert on March two, and much more than 1,500 Rowan-Salisbury Schools fifth graders had been invited to the show. 

The project has been going sturdy in the neighborhood for much more than 60 years. The Salisbury Symphony provided a specific thanks to the Blanche and Julian Robertson Foundation, the Woodson Foundation, and the Salisbury-Rowan Neighborhood Foundation for their help of musical exposure.

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