MS Energy introduces an array of innovative electric bikes and scooters with upgraded materials and extended battery life

Eco-Friendly Mobility: MS Energy Reveals New Line of Electric Bicycles and Scooters in Zagreb

MS Energy, a leading Croatian brand, unveiled its new line of electric bicycles and scooters in Zagreb this week. With a 25% share in the eRomobile category and a 20% share in the eBicycle category, MS Energy is making waves in the industry.

The company’s focus on functional design that meets modern user needs is evident in its new eBicycle models produced in Rugvica near Zagreb. The bikes feature a futuristic and unique design that sets them apart from competitors. They are also easy to drive, maintain, and practical for everyday use while exuding elegance according to Jasna Pulić, the marketing director of M SAN Grupa.

MS Energy’s Product Group Manager Senior, Boris Kozi, highlighted the innovative features and performance of the new eBicycle models. He emphasized their comfort and practicality for urban environments. Leo Mehičić, the product manager, showcased the latest eRomobil models with advanced technical specifications like puncture-resistant tires and a smart lock system for extended battery life.

The brand presented five new eRomobil models ranging from Urban to Vortex each offering different motor strengths and features. The scooters will range in price from 599 to 1499 euros and will be available starting in April. Additionally, four new bicycle models were introduced ranging from foldable to city bicycles with prices starting at 899 euros.

Looking ahead, MS Energy plans to continue monitoring user needs and market trends while investing in product development and expanding production capacities. Its commitment to innovation and quality sets it apart in the rapidly growing electric vehicles market.

In summary, MS Energy’s new line of electric bicycles and scooters features innovative designs that meet modern user needs while being practical for everyday use. The brand’s focus on quality has helped it establish itself as a leader in the domestic market with significant shares in both categories of electric vehicles.

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