Drosina Invasion: Over 50% of Stadium Tickets Sold Out!

The Hajduk players, led by their top player Marko Livaj, are bidding farewell to playing for the team “Fire” during the Euro qualifiers. Now, they are gearing up for the continuation of the HNL with just four rounds left before the end of the year. On Sunday at 3 p.m., they will face off against Istra 1961 in their first match of the season.

This match has the potential to break the attendance record at Istria Stadium, which currently stands at 7,500 spectators during a Cup semi-final against Rijeka. Istria has already sold out all tickets for the southern stand, where visiting fans will be seated, as well as for the eastern stand, where fans with Hajduk’s insignia can enter. There are only a few tickets left on sale for the northern tribune.

The capacity of Aldo Drosina is approximately 8,900 seats, and at this time there are just 1,246 tickets remaining on sale. However, it is expected that more “late” tickets will be sold before the game begins, so it seems that the attendance record at Istria Stadium could be broken. The first match of the season is a testament to the strong support that Hajduk fans have shown towards their team.

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