Delicious Mocktail Recipes for Valentine’s Day from Tulsa Health Department

Drink Responsibly, Stay Festive: Tulsa Health Department and StopDUI Task Force Host Valentine’s Day Mocktail Tutorial

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the Tulsa Health Department’s substance abuse prevention program and the StopDUI Task Force are urging residents to drink responsibly and safely, or to try a fun mocktail instead. In collaboration with the substance abuse prevention program of THD, the StopDUI Task Force presented a Facebook Live mocktail tutorial on Friday, February 9.

Kandice Lawson from the THD Prevention Specialist and Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Eric Kirby shared delicious recipes for festive drinks that can be prepared for Valentine’s Day. These mocktails include Circus of Love, Stop in the Name of Love, and Kandi-Coated Punch.

Circus of Love is made with one large carbonated beverage, marshmallow fluff, cotton candy, sprinkles and crushed ice. Roll the rim of the glass in marshmallow fluff before dipping it in sprinkles. Pour three-fourths of a carbonated beverage into the glass and add several pieces of cotton candy. Stir well before garnishing with a sprinkle or two of sprinkles on top.

Stop in the Name of Love is made with two ounces each of sparkling hibiscus red grape juice, lemon-lime soda and orange juice. Add an orange wheel and several Valentine’s Candy Hearts to make it more festive. Fill a glass full of crushed ice before adding all these ingredients together and shaking or stirring them until well mixed. Strain into a chilled glass full of crushed ice before garnishing with another orange wheel on top. Serve!

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