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Memorial Wellness Method is celebrating five,000 procedures with da Vinci Robotic Surgical Method. From left, Memorial Wellness Method Surgical group members: Dr. Rajendra Bhati, MD, surgical oncologist Sasha Myers, robotic surgical coordinator Jody Bullman, vice president of Surgical &amp Cardiac Solutions Dr. Tuan Nguyen, MD, common surgeon Dr. Carson Wong, MD, urologist. (Photo Supplied)

MARIETTA — Memorial Wellness Method has performed the five,000th process with the da Vinci Robotic Surgical Method enabling for minimally invasive procedures, improved outcomes and faster recovery instances for these in require of surgery, the hospital program stated on Wednesday.

The program was implemented in 2014.

Robotic surgery has revolutionized the way each and every surgical provider practices at the wellness program, officials stated. The implementation of the da Vinci program is now across all disciplines of the wellness program, like oncology, common surgery, OBGYN and urology, amongst other individuals.

“It’s a superior platform in terms of ergonomics, optics, as properly as accessibility to treat particular locations of the physique,” surgical oncologist Rajendra Bhati, MD, stated. “That translates to minimal trauma, which then translates into improved outcomes.”

It was the vision of MHS provider Dr. Srini Vasan to bring the subsequent frontier of surgery to the wellness program, when also difficult its providers to adopt the da Vinci surgical program.

Vasan, a radiation oncologist, believed in this innovation so significantly he invested $1 million to spearhead the obtain of the robot for the future of elevated care in the area.

Due to the fact applying the da Vinci, MHS is amongst the leading centers in the complete nation to implement robotic surgery for acute situations, with the fantastic strides of dedication from common surgeon Tuan Nguyen, MD.

“It’s been a group work. No single person achieves a milestone by themselves,” Bhati stated about all the providers and group members who have contributed to the results of the da Vinci.

Sasha Myers, robotic surgical coordinator, has been involved in the implementation of the da Vinci because its arrival nine years ago.

“It’s been a fantastic nine years. Honestly, it is been exciting onboarding absolutely everyone and I have a fantastic group,” Sasha stated. “I wouldn’t have believed any one if they told me I’d be performing this nine years ago but right here we are, five,000 situations later.”

Implementing the da Vinci to practically all service lines inside the wellness program has been exceptional, the wellness program stated. Group members have taken to the challenge of advancing their personal talents and capabilities to give our individuals with globe-class care.

“It’s crucial to take a moment, pause, and celebrate milestones. As well typically we go about life just moving onto the subsequent factor. Celebrating milestones and measuring your accomplishments is essential to definitely understanding what this is about,” Bhati stated.

Any milestone reached is huge, Sasha stated.

“I adhere to a lot of robotic groups and watch them attain one hundred or even 500 surgeries. For us to attain five,000 in only nine years… it is a purpose that we will have to strive for,” Sasha stated. “I consider our subsequent purpose is possibly to see how far every single person surgeon is and enable them to celebrate that due to the fact it is a huge deal for them as properly.”

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