Flag-raising ceremony honoring organ donors and recipients hosted by ECU Health

Donate Life: ECU Health Hosts Pause to Give Life Event

On Wednesday morning, ECU Health Medical Center is hosting the “Pause to Give Life Event” to honor organ donors and recipients. The event will take place at the hospital’s flag pole at 2100 Stantonsburg Road, rain or shine. Despite only about 50 percent of adults in North Carolina being registered organ donors, there are 3,000 people waiting for organ and tissue donations in the state, and over 100,000 people waiting nationally.

The specific start time of 10:08 a.m. symbolizes that one donor can save eight lives. As part of the event, ECU Health will raise the Donate Life Flag at 10:08 a.m., followed by a 30-second moment of silence to recognize donors, their families, those waiting for donations, and recipients who have received the gift of life. The flag-raising ceremony will be moved to the hospital’s chapel if it is raining on First Alert Weather Day.

ECU Health Medical Center hopes that this event will raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and encourage more people to register as organ donors. The hospital also encourages people who are already registered to talk to their family and friends about their decision so they know what their wishes are in case of an emergency.

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