Senate approves direct election of prime minister

Direct Election of President of the Council of Ministers: A Path towards a More Democratically Accountable Government

The Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate has approved a government amendment that modifies article 92 of the Constitution and introduces direct election of the President of the Council of Ministers. This significant change in the election process ensures a more direct and democratic system in selecting the head of government.

The Government, as per the approved text, is made up of the Prime Minister and ministers, who together constitute the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister is elected by universal and direct suffrage for five years, for no more than two consecutive legislatures, raised to three if in the previous ones he held the office for a period of less than seven years and six months. This ensures that the Prime Minister is accountable to the people and represents their interests in decision-making processes.

The elections of the Chambers and the Prime Minister take place at the same time. The law regulates this process by assigning a prize on a national basis that guarantees a majority of seats in each Chamber to lists and candidates linked to the Prime Minister, in compliance with representativeness principles. This ensures that there is fair representation from all regions and political affiliations in government positions.

After being elected in his original Chamber, the President confers on him responsibility to form his Government. The President also appoints and revokes ministers based on recommendations from his appointed prime minister. This streamlines the process of government formation by giving greater authority to an individual who can lead effectively towards common goals.

Overall, this amendment represents a step towards a more representative and responsive government structure where citizens have greater control over their political representatives through direct elections. It aims to increase transparency, accountability, and fairness in politics while promoting efficient governance through streamlined processes.

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