Devastating Accident Claims Lives of Two Club Players: One Injured, Another Killed, Leaving Team Without Driver

In the small settlement of Mravince, located below Mosor in the Municipality of Solin, a tragic accident occurred that claimed the life of a 52-year-old bus driver. The driver was transporting football players from HNK Sloga Mravince to Biograd when he lost control of the bus in the last seconds of his life. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to prevent the tragedy.

The coach of young football players, Ivica Žuljević, who was sitting behind him, was the first to come to his aid and tried to resuscitate him. Unfortunately, all their attempts were in vain. The loss of life has left many people speechless and devastated.

The subject is still fresh in everyone’s minds as they try to make sense of what happened and how it could have been prevented. No one wants to imagine what would have happened if the driver had not been able to control the bus at that critical moment. However, some residents refuse to even think about it and instead focus on honoring the memory of the deceased driver as a hero who put others before himself.

During the time between the arrival of emergency services and their arrival at Biograd, Dr. Zdravko Perko, president of HNK Sloga Mravince’s management team and head surgeon at KBC Split Surgery Clinic, also attempted to resuscitate the driver alongside another member of staff at HNK Sloga Mravince’s physiotherapy department.

Despite this tragic incident, it is important for everyone involved to remember that there are no words or gestures that can ever truly compensate for such a great loss. However, we can take comfort in knowing that everyone involved in this tragedy acted with bravery and quick thinking in an attempt to save lives and minimize damage.

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