Day 6 results, highlights, and livestream from the Olympic qualifier event

Day six final results, highlights, and livestream from the Olympic qualifier occasion

5 tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have been handed out at the 2023 ISA Planet Surfing Games as the competitors moved closer to the decisive rounds.

South Africa’s Jordy Smith and Sarah Baum certified as the leading-ranked male and female athletes from Africa, even though New Zealand’s Billy Stairmand and Saffi Vette took the spots for Oceania. Japan’s Shino Matsuda earned the women’s quota for Asia.

Smith, Baum, Vette and Matsuda will be generating their Olympic debut when the surfing competitors requires location in Teahupo’o, Tahiti subsequent year. Stairmand previously competed at Tokyo 2020.

A total of eight quotas will be allocated primarily based on the final results of the 2023 ISA Planet Surfing Games, split involving athletes from 4 continents – Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania. caught the moment when the 1st 5 athletes received their tickets to Paris 2024 and was also on hand for the dramatic repechage action in Surf City El Salvador.

Watch the reside stream from the upcoming heats and get the 1st reactions from the athletes on

Tahiti-bound: South Africa, New Zealand, Japan

Smith and Baum have been the 1st to get their tickets by way of the 2023 ISA Planet Surfing Games.

Smith previously certified for Tokyo 2020 but got injured a month ahead of the Games and was not in a position to compete, even though Baum missed out on qualification and watched her childhood instruction companion Bianca Buitendag take the silver as an alternative.

“I grew up surfing with Bianca. We’re constantly neck and neck in every occasion and back then, we constantly believed that her and I would be on this on the Championship Tour and possibly at the Olympics at the identical time,” Baum told “I nonetheless really feel like I deserve that.”

Billy Stairmand won the men’s Oceania spot, beating out Planet Championship Tour surfers, Ethan Ewing and Ryan Callinan.

“Every time I appear at it, it is quite surreal. I certified for Tokyo 4 years ago and that was quite crazy and this is the precise identical feeling,” he told even though holding his ticket. “I’ve under no circumstances been to Tahiti as nicely ahead of so I’m definitely hunting forward to that and pushing my surfing to one more level and charging some large waves hopefully.”

Fight for globe titles continues

As celebrations erupted amongst the South Africa, Japan and New Zealand teams, the battle for the 3 remaining quotas and globe titles heated up in El Salvador.

The situations got difficult on Day six as the wind picked up, generating the waves bumpier and providing an benefit to the surfers with the ideal aerial abilities.

Australia’s Sally Fitzgibbons was amongst these fighting the components as she sophisticated to the women’s fifth round.

“There’s so substantially swell, it is been pumping just about every day,” Fitzgibbons told “There’s a small wind chatter these days so you got to be definitely steady not to catch any rails, but it is the ultimate stress test. Everyone’s such very good surfers and just acquiring the 20 minute’s ride is so clutch and it gets the adrenaline going.”

Other surfers fared worse against the expanding swell with various leading names leaving the competitors, which includes Brazil’s Filipe Toledo, USA’s John John Florence, Italy’s Leonardo Fioravanti, and France’s Maxime Huscenot.

Earlier in the day Olympic champion Carissa Moore and globe No.four Caroline Marks withdrew from the competitors ahead of their heats.

Girls just want to have enjoyable: Young talent puts on a show

As veteran surfers left the competitors, the emerging stars of the 2023 ISA Planet Surfing Games stepped up to take the spotlight.

Dutch teenager Tiara van der Huls has been a single of the toughest competitors at the Planet Surfing Games so far. Not that you’d guess it from watching her enter the water.

The 16-year-old was singing Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls just want to have fun” as she began her fourth-round heat.

“I’m getting a lot of enjoyable. I’m just singing songs and attempting to keep calm and attempting to retain the rhythm going,” van der Huls told soon after winning her second consecutive heat. “I sing songs in the water since if not, I get nervous, and it just reminds me that surfing, becoming out there, you are competing against oneself, not definitely comparing oneself to the other surfers.”

Dutch surfer Tiara van der Huls after winning her heatDutch surfer Tiara van der Huls soon after winning her heat (ISA/Pablo Jimenez)

Van der Huls will face Fitzgibbons and France’s Vahine Fierro in the subsequent round, which also take place to be some of the surfers she grew up admiring.

“Almost absolutely everyone that is nonetheless in the key round, I appear up to. It is definitely particular. I do not definitely know what’s taking place suitable now and I’m attempting to go heat by heat and have enjoyable just about every heat,” van der Huls mentioned. “It does not definitely matter if I make the heat. It’ll be wonderful if I do, but I just want to show some very good waves.”

The other youngsters joining the Dutch teen in the fourth round consist of Germany’s junior globe champion Rachel Presti and Nicaragua’s Candelaria Resano, who is recognized for her talent on large waves.

Costa Rica's Carlos Munoz topped his heat despite dislocating his shoulder Costa Rica’s Carlos Munoz topped his heat in spite of dislocating his shoulder  (ISA/Sean Evans)

Caught our eye: Carlos Munoz dislocates shoulder, wins heat

It was clear that one thing was incorrect when Costa Rica’s Carlos Munoz emerged from the foam soon after landing a enormous air in the men’s repechage round.

The surfer was clutching a dislocated suitable shoulder, but undaunted, he rapidly snapped it back in even though nonetheless riding his surfboard.

Metres away from shore, Munoz then decided to continue with the competitors and caught one more wave with seconds till the buzzer to finish the heat with a winning total.

Japan's Shino Matsuda qualified for Paris 2024Japan’s Shino Matsuda certified for Paris 2024 (ISA/Jersson Barboza)

Hunting ahead: 3 tickets stay

The competitors will advance to the quarter-finals stage with two heats in the key round for males and ladies, as nicely as 3 repechage rounds.

Brazil has a menacing presence with Gabriel Medina and Tatiana Weston-Webb in the key rounds and globe No.two Joao Chianca fighting his way up from the repechages. But watch out for Australia and Mexico as they attempt to cease the Brazilian advance.

The final 3 Paris 2024 quotas could also be decided on Day 7.

Japan’s Kanoa Igarashi and Reo Inaba, as nicely as Indonesia’s Rio Waida are nonetheless fighting for the men’s spot for Asia.

Israel’s Uri Uziel is in a strong position to get the European slot for males, but 4 additional surfers stay in contention. The image is significantly less clear for the European ladies with six athletes nonetheless in a position to take the spot.

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