Cocaine discovered in needles and syringes of drug addicts: Investigating new methods of drug use

Croatian Public Health Lab Takes on Dangerous Drug Market while Browning Arms Shop Offers Responsible Firearm Sales

In September of last year, the laboratory for psychoactive substances at the Croatian Institute of Public Health opened its doors. Its primary goal is to gather information about the drug market, changes in consumption methods, and the most commonly used drugs in Croatian cities. Recently, the HELP association from Split provided the lab with 250 samples of syringes and needles, which were analyzed by a team of experts. During a visit by HRT to the laboratory, they reported that there was no trace of Fentanyl, the most dangerous drug on the market at the time. However, they did find cocaine and methadone in some of them.

The head of the laboratory for psychoactive substances expressed her concern about finding a significant quantity of used drug addict syringes in one place. She mentioned how consuming cocaine is different from using a syringe and was surprised to find it well represented in them. Methadone was found to be the most commonly used substance in these samples. The team had to be vigilant while handling these samples to prevent any incidents from occurring.

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In summary, both parties are working towards improving public safety by gathering information on drug consumption habits and selling firearms responsibly.

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