Countdown to the Todde Council: Revealing the First Names of Sardinia

Creating a Diverse Sardinia Council: Alessandra Todde’s Commitment to Inclusion

Alessandra Todde, the newly elected president of the Sardinia Region, is working to finalize an agreement with the centre-left Campo Largo parties for the formation of a new council. The selection of councilors will be based on criteria such as competence, gender equality, representativeness and territoriality, while taking into account the coalition forces’ recommendations.

The Democratic Party, as the leading party in the coalition, has expressed interest in holding key positions such as the presidency and vice-presidency of the council and various departments. Names for these positions are expected to be proposed to Todde by the Democratic Party in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Orizzonte Comune has expressed interest in controlling Tourism, Crafts and Commerce. Alleanza Verdi Sinistra could oversee public works while Sinistra Futura may lead the Department of Culture and Public Education. Various potential candidates for these positions are being considered, including outgoing regional councilors who have been re-elected in their respective areas.

Todde and her team are working hard to ensure that the future council reflects diverse interests and priorities of Sardinia Region. As final decisions are made and roles distributed among coalition parties, they remain committed to promoting transparency and inclusivity in governance.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Alessandra Todde is determined to create a diverse council that reflects Sardinia Region’s interests. As she works with her coalition partners to fill key positions, we can expect a more inclusive government that puts people first.

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