Community near Former ‘Velepromet’ Camp Demands Justice for Perpetrators

The commemoration of the “Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Vukovar 1991” continued on Monday with a gathering at the site of the former concentration camp in Velepromet, where 724 detainees were killed. A wreath was laid at the memorial plaque in the courtyard of Velepromet, and many participants in the commemorative marking, including Deputy Prime Minister Tomo Medved and Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Anušić, lit candles.

Medved thanked everyone who walked in a dignified manner during the commemorative marking on Monday and over the past few days in Vukovar, Škabrnja, and Borovo naselje. He emphasized that it is crucial to never forget these events and that the Government is committed to passing on this memory to younger generations.

Anušić also spoke about holding those responsible for war crimes accountable, expressing a commitment to punishing those responsible for their terrible actions.

The president of HDLSKL Vukovar-Srijem County Dragutin Guzovski and Mayor Ivana Penava reflected on the history of Velepromet, emphasizing the need to bring criminals to justice for their brutal actions against Croatian prisoners and civilians. They expressed disappointment that there has been no punishment for those responsible for these atrocities.

The Velepromet concentration camp was a place where Croatian defenders and civilians were imprisoned, tortured, and killed. According to HDLSKL, around 10,000 Croatian veterans and civilians passed through Velepromet, and 724 of them were murdered. The camp closed in March 1992. Later in the day, people from Vukovar will remember those who were killed and thrown into mass graves at Ovčara – a site that remains a symbol of suffering during Croatia’s devastating war.

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