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In the brief span of the 21st Century, the world’s two leading powers, the United States and China, have moved inexplicably toward a showdown. This evolved from a industrial competitors into some thing much more akin to permanent non-kinetic warfare. What does this imply for US company performing company in and with China? For this specific five-portion weblog post series, I visited with Brandon Daniels, CEO of Exiger, to discover troubles diverse as a true danger, provide chain, exports, cyber-attacks, and IP theft from the company viewpoint and give the compliance and company executive their viewpoints on what you can do to not only prepare your corporation but shield it as properly. In concluding Aspect V, we lay out the company response to the coming conflict with China-superior compliance.

In the face of increasing tensions with China, it is critical for companies to take proactive methods to shield themselves. In the fifth and final episode of our 5-portion series on the coming conflict with China, we outline the integral roles of government, public providers, companies, assume tanks, consultants, item providers, and service providers in addressing the challenge. The  importance of compliance as superior company practice can not be overstated. We also talk about the methods of danger assessment and danger management important to climate the coming storm.

Right here are the methods you have to have to stick to to generate superior compliance in your organization to aid you meet the China challenge.:

  • Determine dangers
  • Assess dangers
  • Implement a danger management tactic
  • Determine dangers
  •  The very first step in addressing the upcoming conflict with China is to determine dangers. This can be carried out by searching at the transcript and considering about what dangers are present in the context of the conversation. For instance, the transcript mentions possible conflict with China, cyber intrusions, human rights abuses, national safety threats, and IP theft. All of these subjects need to be viewed as possible dangers that have to have to be assessed.

    A single of the primary dangers is the financial and national safety threat that comes from insider threats. This contains cyber intrusions, credential theft, and other malicious activities. On top of that, public providers have to have to be conscious of the possible for IP theft, human rights abuses, and other types of financial sabotage. It is also critical to comprehend the have to have for investment in cyber hardening, diversification away from China, and incentives for public markets. Lastly, companies need to be conscious of the have to have for danger assessment and danger management methods, as properly as the have to have to monitor and upgrade these methods as important. All of these dangers need to be identified in order to successfully address the coming conflict with China.

  • Assess dangers
  • As soon as the possible dangers have been identified, the subsequent step is to assess the likelihood of the dangers and their possible impacts. This can be carried out by searching at previous experiences and present trends. It is also critical to take into consideration the possible of the dangers, as properly as the severity of the impacts. For instance, if a danger entails cyber intrusions, it is critical to take into consideration the possible for information theft, as properly as the influence of a information breach on the company’s reputation.


    Lastly, it is critical to appear at the possible options for the identified dangers. This can be carried out by searching at the options that have been recommended in the transcript, such as regulation, funding, and raising awareness. It is also critical to take into consideration the possible fees and advantages of each and every answer, as properly as the possible for implementation. By assessing the dangers, the options, and their possible impacts, companies can create an efficient danger management tactic.

     3. Implement a danger management tactic

    A danger management tactic is critical for preparing for a possible conflict with China. This tactic need to involve identifying dangers, assessing the possible influence of each and every danger, building a program to handle each and every danger, and monitoring the implementation of the danger management program. Government regulators can lead this work by raising awareness of the interconnected troubles and prioritizing the expenditure of sources to mitigate danger. On top of that, incentives can be offered to public providers to invest in danger mitigation methods. Organizations need to also take the initiative to assess their personal dangers and generate plans to cut down them. This can be carried out via using current technologies to make processes much more effective and expense efficient. Lastly, raising awareness is critical to guarantee that everybody is conscious of the possible dangers posed by the conflict with China. This can be carried out via education and giving sources to aid persons comprehend the dangers and how to mitigate them.

    The coming conflict with China presents various dangers to companies, governments, and the public at big. It is critical to assess the dangers, generate a danger management tactic, and implement it. By taking the initiative to determine, assess, and handle dangers, companies can shield themselves and remain competitive in this ever-altering landscape. The bottom line is superior compliance is superior company for the reason that superior compliance is superior company approach. With the appropriate expertise, tools, and methods, you as well can be ready for the coming conflict with China and shield your corporation from possible dangers.

    For a deeper dive into these troubles, verify out the five-portion podcast series with Tom Fox and Brandon Daniels, right here.


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